COVID-19 and Texas State Testing


Governor Abbott has used his authority as governor of Texas to suspend annual academic assessment requirements for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is working with the U.S. Department of Education for federal testing and accountability requirements.

Please monitor TEA’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support and Guidance web page for the latest guidance on state assessments.

All STAAR Grade 3-8 administrations for April, May, and June 2020 are cancelled. The Student Success Initiative requirements for Grades 5 & 8 are also waived for the 2019-2020 school year. Districts will have local discretion on the promotion of Grade 5 & 8 students, just as they do with all other grades. The following criteria should be considered in promotions:

  • Teacher recommendation
  • Student’s grade in each subject or course
  • Other locally determined academic information

All EOC administrations for April, May, and June 2020 are cancelled. The EOC graduation requirement is waived for any 2019-2020 graduating student who is currently enrolled in the corresponding course and who receives 2019-2020 credit for the course (including summer 2020) This waiver applies to students enrolled in the course for the first time as well as those who are repeating the course. A student who is graduating in 2019-2020 who still needs to pass an EOC but is not enrolled in the corresponding course may complete the Individual Graduation Committee (IGC) process for as many courses as is necessary for graduation. Former students who are no longer in school and need to pass one or more EOCs to graduate may also complete the IGC process for as many EOC corresponding courses as is necessary. These IGC rule waivers are only applicable for students graduating in 2019-2020.

Students who are not graduating but are currently enrolled in a course with a corresponding EOC will have the EOC assessment graduation requirement waived for that course if the student receives 2019-2020 credit for the course (including summer 2020). This includes students who taking the course for the first time as well as students who are repeating the course for credit. Students who are not graduating in 2019-2020, are not retaking a course with a corresponding EOC, and still need to pass the EOC will be required to take and pass the EOC during a future EOC administration (e.g. December 2020 EOC administration). For students who receive the waiver, the district/school should develop a method to keep track of this information. Currently TEA has established a protocol for this.

All STAAR Alternate 2 2019-2020 administrations are cancelled. Students will not be required to take the specific STAAR Alternate 2 assessment in the future and are not responsible for passing the assessment for graduation.

The Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) and TELPAS Alternate administration windows have been extended through May 29, 2020. The completion of the administration of these assessments is a local decision. Students will receive a scoring data for each domain he/she completes. TEA is currently reviewing logistical concerns around completing as many of these assessments as possible and to determine what adjustments need to be made to exit criteria for 2019-2020. More information on TELPAS and TELPAS Alternate is forthcoming.

The second opportunity window for STAAR Interim Assessments has been extended through May 29, 2020. The interim assessments optional, available at no cost to districts, and are not used in accountability calculations.

Butch has worked with testing and accountability for 15 years at the campus, district, regional, and state levels. Originally from North Carolina, Butch is the State Assessment Specialist for the Education Service Center Region 13, helping district test coordinators and others navigate the world of STAAR and TELPAS testing. He is available to answer any of your state testing policy and procedure questions.

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