What is Typing Assistance, and How can it be Used for the 4th Grade Writing STAAR?

Typing assistance is one of several accessibility features that your students can use during the 4th Grade Writing STAAR Test. Typing assistance means that a test administrator can transcribe a student’s response to the writing prompt into the online testing platform.

Your 4th grade students who are taking the STAAR test online and can’t type and regularly benefit from the use of transcribing in their daily instruction are allowed to use typing assistance.

It’s a pretty easy process too. Your student will take the test online, but instead of typing in their own answers, will write the response to the prompt on paper. Then, following transcribing guidelines, the test administrator will transfer that student’s work into the testing platform.

This same process can be used for students who aren’t in the 4th grade. For students in 7th grade or English I, II, and III students. This support is given a different name when it applies to 7th grade or English I, II, and III students, “Basic Transcribing” and has additional eligibility requirements.

Kim West is a member of the Progress in the General Curriculum group within the Special Education Team at the Education Service Center Region 13. She believes that all people have strengths and that educators desire to help others discover, encourage, and develop these strengths in myriad ways. She is dedicated to supporting teachers as they create inclusive classrooms and learning opportunities for students of all abilities.

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