TED Tips: Meet the Transition and Employment Services Designee

Since 2014, each school district must designate a Transition and Employment Services Designee, also called a “TED.”

The requirements for TEDs are outlined in TEC §29.011:

(b) The commissioner shall require each school district or shared services arrangement to designate at least one employee to serve as the district’s or shared services arrangement’s designee on transition and employment services for students enrolled in special education programs under this subchapter. The commissioner shall develop minimum training guidelines for a district’s or shared services arrangement’s designee. An individual designated under this subsection must provide information and resources about effective transition planning and services, including each issue described by Subsection (a), and interagency coordination to ensure that local school staff communicate and collaborate with:                
  (1) students enrolled in special education programs under this subchapter and the parents of those students; and                
  (2) as appropriate, local and regional staff of the:                               
  (A) Health and Human Services Commission;                              
  (B) Texas Workforce Commission;                               
  (C) Department of State Health Services; and                              
  (D) Department of Family and Protective Services. 

Where can I find the TED for my district or charter school?

The contact information (including email and phone number) for a TED should be
easy to find and publicly available on the school district’s website. The list of Transition & Employment Services Designees for each district and charter school in Texas is available on AskTED, the online Texas Education Directory. To locate contact information for a TED, go to the AskTED website and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Search By and then choose District
  2. Type the name of the district or charter school
  3. Choose Information Type = Personnel
  4. Click on the box for Include Other District Roles
  5. Scroll through Select Roles and click on the Transition & Employment Services Designee
  6. Click Search

The next screen will provide the contact information for the TED in the district or charter you entered​. If the contact information is incorrect, school staff can reach out to the AskTED Administrator for the district by following the steps above and select the “TED Administrator” role.

If you are a TED for a district or charter school

You should have completed the 3 online transition courses which have been available through the ESC Region 11 website during the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years. If you have not had a chance to complete the 3 online courses, or if you are new to the TED role, you can now access these courses using the new links below.

To register for the TED Online Modules in their new location, please click on the title for each training topic:
• Texas Transition Online (3 CPE Hours)
• Texas Special Education Graduation Options Online (2 CPE Hours)
• Texas Transition and Employment Guide Online (1 CPE Hour)

Please note: If you have already completed the courses and have your certificate from Region 11 ESC, you are not required to retake the courses

What else do I need to do as the TED?

The primary role of the Transition & Employment Services Designee is to “provide information and resources about effective transition planning and services.” So what does that mean? After you complete the required training modules, consider exploring the resources below to learn more about transition planning in Texas and beyond:

Who can I contact for help meeting the responsibilities of the TED role?

Your local Education Service Center should have a designated contact for your region who can help you understand more about the TED role. For schools and districts within the Region 13 area, you can contact Elizabeth Danner for more info at Elizabeth.Danner@esc13.txed.net.

Get more support with secondary transition by visiting our website

As the transition specialist for ESC Region 13, Elizabeth provides training and information related to graduation and post-school planning for students with disabilities, in collaboration with schools, families, and agencies. She works to ensure connection to Community, Career/Contribution, and Continued Learning for all adults.

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  • Who writes the transition plan for the students? Is the TED responsible for assessing all the students?