Top Apps for Dyslexic Students to Enhance Literacy Skills this Summer

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Harnessing Technology to Empower Dyslexic Learners During the Summer

Summer break is an ideal time for students to relax, rejuvenate, and engage in activities that promote personal growth and skill development. For dyslexic students, this period offers an opportunity to focus on enhancing their literacy skills with the help of innovative educational apps. In this blog post, we will explore a selection of top apps specifically designed to support dyslexic learners, allowing them to make significant strides in their reading, spelling, and phonological abilities. These apps not only facilitate learning but also make it enjoyable and interactive, empowering dyslexic students to make the most of their summer break.

1. Dyslexia.ia: Fun Games for Literacy Improvement - Smart Phonics

Price: Free

Dyslexia.ia is an exceptional app that provides dyslexic students with short, simple games to improve their literacy skills. Covering crucial areas such as reading, spelling, phonics, rhyming, and vowel sounds, this app offers targeted exercises tailored to address specific difficulties faced by dyslexic learners. With its user-friendly interface and engaging gameplay, Dyslexia.ia transforms learning into an enjoyable experience. The best part? The app is currently available for free.

2. Simplex Spelling: Strengthening Phonological Awareness

Simplex Spelling Phonics 1

Price: $4.99

Simplex Spelling focuses on teaching dyslexic students high-frequency spelling words organized by spelling patterns. By visually and auditorily breaking down words into syllables, this app helps students build a strong foundation in phonological awareness. Through a systematic approach to spelling, Simplex Spelling supports dyslexic learners in developing essential phonics skills. The interactive nature of the app keeps students engaged and motivated as they progress through the lessons, making it an ideal companion for summer skill-building.

3. Lively Letters-Phonics: Boosting Phonemic Awareness

Lively Letters - Phonics

Price: $34.99

Developed by a speech and language pathologist, Lively Letters-Phonics is an app specifically designed to target phonemic awareness, phonics, and speech production. With three teaching activities based on the research-based Lively Letters program, dyslexic students can strengthen their phonemic awareness and speech production skills. The app’s multisensory approach and interactive features create an engaging platform for dyslexic learners to improve their literacy abilities during the summer break.

4. Sortegories: Comprehensive Literacy Practice


Price: $14.99 – $297

Sortegories is an app that features nine activities targeting essential literacy skills and concepts, including phonemic, phonological, semantic, morphological, and syntactic knowledge. By integrating these different layers of word knowledge, the app provides comprehensive reading practice. With embedded vocabulary and syntax exercises, Sortegories enhances both fluency and comprehension, enabling dyslexic students to make significant progress in their overall literacy skills. Incorporating this app into their summer routine can have a profound impact on their academic development.

5. Bob Books Reading Magic: Phonics and Interactive Storytelling

Bob Books Reading Magic #1

Price: $2.99

Bob Books Reading Magic is an interactive game designed to help dyslexic students make connections between letters and sounds, sound out words, and improve their spelling abilities. Through a drag-and-drop interface, students progress through levels, adding color to the screen and the story as they correctly spell words. With multiple levels available for purchase, Bob Books Reading Magic offers an immersive and rewarding experience for dyslexic learners to enhance their reading skills during the summer break.

6. Blending Board: Strengthening Phonemic Skills

Blending Board

Price: Free

Blending Board is an app that supports dyslexic students in mastering the foundations of blending sounds and understanding the multisyllabic rules of English. Through an easy-to-use interface, students can create decks of phonemes and practice decoding simple and multisyllabic words. Additionally, they can build their own decks and share them with teachers and parents, fostering collaboration and integration of concepts into instruction. This app serves as a valuable tool for dyslexic learners looking to enhance their phonemic skills over the summer.

7. Writing Wizard- School Edition: Developing Writing Proficiency

Writing Wizard - School Ed.

Price: $12.99

Writing Wizard- School Edition is a comprehensive app designed to help dyslexic students learn how to trace letters, numbers, and words through a fun and interactive system. With features like customizable fonts, stickers, colors, sound effects, and end-of-tracing activities, this app makes the learning process engaging. Students can also create PDF worksheets for paper-based writing and customize their own word lists, complete with audio recordings for each word. Writing Wizard- School Edition enables dyslexic learners to develop their writing skills while enjoying the summer break.

8. Grammaropolis: Fun and Interactive Grammar Learning

Grammaropolis-Complete Edition

Price: $5.99

Grammaropolis takes a unique approach to grammar learning by using animated grammar characters to make the process enjoyable and interactive. The app personifies the parts of speech, with characters’ personalities based on their roles in sentences. Dyslexic students can start with a free download that grants access to the “Noun Neighborhood,” including a song, book, video, and quiz questions. Additionally, the app offers an upgrade option to explore the other seven parts of speech. Grammaropolis engages dyslexic learners in mastering grammar through a modern and entertaining approach.

Summer break is an excellent opportunity for dyslexic students to focus on enhancing their literacy skills. These top apps cater specifically to the needs of dyslexic learners, providing targeted exercises, interactive experiences, and a multisensory approach to support their literacy development. By incorporating these apps into their summer routine, dyslexic students can gain confidence, strengthen their skills, and make significant progress in their reading, spelling, and phonological abilities. Empower yourself this summer with the aid of technology and embark on a transformative journey toward improved literacy proficiency.

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