Online Learning for Bilingual/ESL Students this Summer

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As schools close for the summer, many parents and educators seek ways to maintain academic momentum. With the downtime afforded by the break, apps for bilingual/ESL students offer a prime opportunity to refine their language skills. In this blog, we’ll delve into a selection of online learning for bilingual/ESL students, ensuring a productive and engaging summer.

LearningWorks for Kids Website

1. LearningWorks for Kids

Looking to boost your child’s thinking, schoolwork, and study habits? LearningWorks for Kids is your one-stop shop! They believe that video games and other digital fun can actually be educational. When used thoughtfully, these digital tools can help kids of all ages learn and grow in amazing ways, both mentally and emotionally.

2. British Council Kids

The British Council’s LearnEnglish Kids website is a treasure trove of free online resources, including games, songs, stories, and activities to keep your child entertained while learning. They even have a section for parents, with articles and videos packed with tips on how to help your child learn English at home.

3. British Council LearnEnglish Teens

LearnEnglish Teens, a free website by the British Council (the English teaching experts!), is here to help. Master reading, writing, listening, grammar, and vocabulary with engaging games, videos, and exercises. Get exam tips, connect with other teen learners worldwide, and even find local English courses – all in one place!

Reading A-Z Website

4. Reading A-Z

Reading A-Z is a growing library of books, lesson plans, and other resources added each month. With over 2,500 downloadable English, Spanish, and French books and tons of teaching materials, they have something for everyone.


EPIC is a subscription-based reading and learning platform that offers access to books and videos for students under 12. Books are available in read-to-me and audiobook formats and include subjects such as STEM, language arts, social science, history, music, art, science fiction, and DIY. EPIC also offers a free option!

Bili Website

6. Bili

Learn heritage languages as a family with Bili. The app offers culturally relevant tools and resources for an enjoyable language-learning experience.

7. Lalilo

Lalilo uses interactive exercises, colorful graphics, and age-appropriate activities to help kids K-2 develop all the skills they need to become strong readers. This includes learning sounds, recognizing letters and words, understanding what they read, reading fluently, building vocabulary, writing skills, and even social literacy.

Online learning for bilingual/ESL students caters to different learning styles and preferences, ensuring that there’s an app or website to suit their needs whether your child prefers interactive games or thrives in a social learning environment. Utilize these tools to enrich your child’s English learning journey this summer!

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