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TEKS Resource System

Hey there, Texas educators! If you’ve been using the Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (TCMPC) TEKS Resource System (TEKS RS) over the past decade, you understand its immense value in delivering a robust, research-driven curriculum to schools from the southern tip of Brownsville to the streets of Austin and all the way up to Texarkana! In addition to the curriculum and assessment components, we’ve strived to provide a technology platform that makes planning easier for teachers. To that end, we are excited to announce a TEKS Resource System technology platform update in the summer of 2024!

This update includes increased navigation and ease of access, including an online assessment integration, a real-time instructional calendar, and more.

Meet the New Platform

This short video introduces educators to the features of the new platform. William Mayer, Region 13 TEKS RS Specialist, takes you on a tour and shows you where and how to access functions.

Watch the video now.

Increased Navigation and Ease-of-Access

The aim of the new TEKS Resource System platform is to help you find the information you need with the least amount of clicks! With our updated platform, you can pin your grade level and content area to the top of your page. This saves time! You can also track your position within the scope and sequence of the year with the Year at a Glance and the Instructional Focus Document!

Online Assessment Integration

Do you use Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, or Blackboard as a Learning Management System (LMS)? The new TEKS RS platform allows you to integrate your class roster from these LMS to create interactive TEKS RS assessments including technology-enhanced item types like drag-and-drop, hotspot, and more!

Real-Time Instructional Calendar

Our new real-time instructional calendar lets you plan your instructional units based on the IFDs. It also accounts for district holidays, benchmark assessments, and other district/campus designated days. So long to multiple resources tracking progress throughout the year!

More Information

The ESC Region 13 TEKS Resource System Team works year-round to support our districts with the TEKS RS. Please reach out for more information and to schedule an in-person training for your district.

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William Mayer
William Mayer

William Mayer is the Region 13 TEKS Resource System Education Specialist.

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