21 Questions to Guide Your End-of-Year PLC Team Reflection

PLC team reflecting

As the school year draws to a close, it’s a great time for Professional Learning Communities (PLC) teams to reflect on their collective achievements, growth areas, and improvement opportunities. Reflection is a key component of the continuous improvement process, and taking time to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies and practices implemented over the course of the year can help teams identify what worked well and what could be improved upon.

In this blog, we’ve compiled 21 end-of-year reflection questions that are designed to help PLC teams wrap up the year with intention and purpose. These questions are intended to help educators think critically about their collaborative work, celebrate their accomplishments, and identify areas for growth as they continue their journey toward ongoing professional development. Whether you’re a PLC team member, a team leader, or an instructional coach, we hope these reflection prompts will inspire you to take stock of your collective teaching practice and set goals for the year ahead.

Try these EOY Reflection Questions

  1. What did we learn about our students this year?
  2. What did we learn about ourselves and our team this year? (Steve Barkley)
  3. What actions did we take that strongly aligned with our beliefs and values? (Steve Barkley)
  4. What actions strayed from our PLC work, and how would we like to shift those practices for next year? (Steve Barkley)
  5. Looking forward to next year, what is one way your team would like to grow their PLC practice in order to make a collective impact on student learning?
  6. How has your PLC team’s practice grown this year?
  7. How has your PLC practice supported your individual growth as a teacher?
  8. What’s your biggest challenge as a PLC team?
  9. What learning or support does your PLC team need next year?
  10. What has been your biggest success or progress as a team this year?
  11. What was your goal this year as a PLC team, and how did you make progress toward your goal?
  12. Finish the sentence — The students really responded to . . .
  13. How has your thinking grown or changed this school year?
  14. What is something you accomplished this school year that you are proud of?
  15. What is something you accomplished this school year that you couldn’t have without the support of your team?
  16. What can we learn from our experiences this year?
  17. What do we need to find out or learn before next school year?
  18. What do our students need us to learn?
  19. How did your students benefit from you working together as a team?
  20. Which coaching practices were most useful / least useful to you?
  21. What other feedback or questions do you have?

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Angela Buckingham is an education specialist working with instructional coaches and PLCs here at the Education Service Center Region 13

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