Author - Angela Isenberg

Angela IsenbergAngela has 22 years of experience in education. She has been in her current position for 12 years. Angela has trained and provided coaching support to over 200 campuses for PBIS. She is also a certified Restorative Discipline coordinator. She is a trainer for Interventions, Coaching Classroom Management, CHAMPS, and Why Try.

3 Types of Restorative Circles

Restorative circles are strategies you can use in your classrooms to develop relationships, build communities, and respond to conflicts and problems that arise. With restorative circles, you give everyone an equal opportunity to speak, and be listened to. When you’re building your...

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What is Peer Mediation?

You’ve heard the phrase “judged by a jury of your peers,” plenty of times in your life. It’s a fundamental part of our judicial system: our judgement...

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