STAAR 2023-24 Testing Dates

2023-24 STAAR Testing Dates

As we find ourselves in the 2023-24 school year, students, educators, and parents alike are keenly interested in the schedule for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, commonly known as STAAR. STAAR plays a crucial role in gauging students’ academic progress and ensuring that they are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. In this article, we delve into the STAAR 2023-24 testing dates during the upcoming academic year.

STAAR Assessments Overview

The STAAR redesign required by HB 3261 (2021) impacted the testing calendar beginning in the 2022-23 school year. The testing calendar change brought about a restructuring to testing windows and the way the testing calendar itself was organized. 

Previous testing calendars were organized by grade level. Beginning in the spring of 2022-23, STAAR administration was organized by content area. It will continue to be organized this way for the 2023-24 assessment cycle. All STAAR tests that assess a given content area are grouped together within the same two-week window regardless of the grade level assessed. 3-8 STAAR and STAAR EOC Reading Language Arts (RLA) tests will be administered first, then the science and social studies assessments, and finally the math assessments.

What Calendar Changes Mean

Due to calendar restructuring, most STAAR assessments will be administered earlier in the school year. These changes mean districts need to pay attention to the scope and sequence of their curriculums to ensure that Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are covered before STAAR administration dates.

Here is a short video that covers the STAAR Testing Calendar.

2023-24 State Testing Dates

NAEP Assessment
  • Assessment Window: Late January to Early March
  • Subjects: Mathematics (Grades 4, 8, and 12), Reading (Grades 4, 8, and 12), Science (Grade 8)
STAAR Stand-Alone Field Test
  • Test Dates: February 5 to February 9
  • Subjects: Grades 3–8 Reading Language Arts, English I, English II
TELPAS Assessment
  • Assessment Window: February 19 to March 29
  • Subjects: Grades K–12 Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing
TELPAS Alternate
  • Assessment Window: February 19 to March 29
  • Subjects: Grades 2–12 Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing
STAAR Alternate 2
  • Preview Window: March 11 to April 26
  • Assessment Window: March 25 to April 26
  • Subjects: Grades 3–8 and EOC Assessments

April and May 2024 Assessments

April is a bustling month for assessments with tests scheduled from April 9 to May 3. Subjects include Grades 3–8 Reading Language Arts, English I, English II, Grade 5 Science, Grade 8 Science, Grade 8 Social Studies, Biology, U.S. History, Grades 3-8 Mathematics, and Algebra I. Make-up sessions for each testing period must be completed by the end of the specified day.

2023-24 STAAR Testing Dates

June 2024 Assessments

The assessment journey continues into June, with tests scheduled from June 18 to June 28. These test administrations are usually retests for students who have yet to pass the test and cover Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, and U.S. History.


As we approach the 2023-24 STAAR testing season, students, parents, and educators need to stay informed about the specific test dates for each subject. Adequate preparation and a clear understanding of the assessment schedule will contribute to a successful testing experience for all involved parties. 

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