4 Key Ways to Leverage TEA’s CCMR Tracker and Verifier

CCMR Tracker and Verifier

Are you striving to enhance your students’ College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) milestones? The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has two tools to track and verify CCMR indicators – The CCMR Tracker and The CCMR Verifier. This blog explores these tools, which help increase your A-F accountability scores and shine a light on ensuring that every graduate is prepared for success.

Understanding the Tools: CCMR Tracker

The CCMR Tracker is in the Accountability Application section of TEA’s secure web application, TEAL (TEA Login). This invaluable resource holds the data for current 9th-12th graders based on the October snapshot enrollment. It’s the go-to resource for systematically monitoring your students’ progress in achieving CCMR outcomes.

On the other hand, the CCMR Verifier (also found on TEAL) contains the data for previous year graduates and non-graduating 12th graders, which will be used in upcoming accountability calculations. This tool provides a way to verify and ensure the accuracy of the CCMR data submitted to TEA. Together, these tools aim to provide transparency in CCMR reporting.

TEAL Accountability website

Importance in A-F Accountability System: CCMR Indicators

As an educator, you know the significance of the A-F grading system in evaluating school performance. The CCMR component plays a pivotal role in this system. CCMR reflects a school’s effectiveness in preparing students for post-secondary success.

By leveraging TEA’s tools, schools can meticulously track CCMR metrics, thus optimizing their performance under the A-F framework.

CCMR Indicators

Tailored Tracking for Data Alignment

While TEA’s tools offer a standardized way to track CCMR progress, each school district should develop its own tracking system. This is crucial because the data collected at the district level should match what TEA collects.

When Local Education Agencies (LEA) have a tracking system aligning with TEA’s standards, it indicates robust systems are in place. However, if there are discrepancies, it highlights areas that may need attention and improvement.

This alignment helps schools maintain accurate records, streamline reporting processes, and identify potential gaps in student readiness early on.

The ESC Region 13 CCMR Tracker is a tool that can aid in this alignment. This resource offers a comprehensive tracking sheet to help a district systematically monitor its students’ progress in meeting CCMR indicators.

ESC Region 13 CCMR Tracker Tool

The ESC Region 13 CCMR tracker provides a user-friendly interface that aligns closely with TEA’s requirements. This invaluable insight enables districts aiming to ensure their internal data collection processes are accurate and efficient. Integrating the ESC Region 13 CCMR tracker into your district’s systems can help better align data with TEA’s standards, reduce discrepancies, and enhance overall CCMR tracking and reporting capabilities.

Driving Student Success and Future Readiness

At the heart of TEA’s CCMR Tracker and Verifier lies a shared mission – to equip your students with the skills and readiness needed to thrive in their post-secondary endeavors, whether they choose college, career, or military service.

The Tracker is designed to help you track college, career, and military readiness indicators, including participation and performance in advanced coursework, industry certifications, dual credit programs, and military enlistment. By systematically monitoring these indicators, you can gain insights into students’ readiness for post-secondary endeavors. By harnessing the power of these tools, you can proactively support your students on their journey toward academic achievement and future success.


By using your district’s tracking method, the TEA CCMR Tracker with the TEA CCMR Verifier, districts have an indispensable system to advance CCMR outcomes. By embracing these tools, districts can meet the demands of the A-F accountability system and cultivate a culture of excellence that propels students toward a bright and promising future. Let’s harness the power of data to pave the way for student success!

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Melinda Marquez is the Associate Director of Accountability, Assessment, and Leadership Systems here at ESC Region 13.

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